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Monday, April 24, 2006

Major music labels still too greedy to podcast

Even though people like Ricky Gervais have figured out how to make a "few" extra bucks from podcasting, music labels are still wary. Personally I'd never pay for a podcast of a show I can just set up the DVR or VCR to catch- but that's just me.

However, music companies are staying out of the podcasting fray, because of the free license that comes with the podcast ticket. God/Allah/Buddha forbid someone should share music and spread the word about them THAT way... yeesh.

"To date, the major labels have been reticent to license full-track songs to the podcasting community because podcasts are downloaded files free of digital rights management protection."

However, this just makes plenty of room for the real, non-commercial and original musicians on the independent circuit! (I am sure my buddy Ajay appreciates that one!)

“Podcasts are this big unknown to them,” says Brandon Curtis, vocalist for Reprise act Secret Machines. Tracks from the band’s album “Ten Silver Drops,” due April 25, have been sent to MP3 blogs and leaked to file-sharing sites as part of a pre-release buzz campaign, but not included in podcasts.

“Meanwhile, they’ll license this shit out to ‘The OC’ for pennies,” Curtis says. “Record company people have agendas. The music can go on some ESPN sports highlight program, but it can’t be on a podcast? Whatever.”

When you've got around 9 million people listening to podcasts- I just don't get the greed and ignorance of these music labels and companies. EVERYONE should be on this bandwagon.

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