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Monday, April 17, 2006

Schlock Audio has a sister!

..and I had no idea that anyone was expecting! Go to Schlock Audio Theatre's new site, Columbia Audio Theatre and take a listen! A few treats ready for download:

EXIT 94 - a continuing series of stories about the customers who stop at this 24-hour gas station. Hosted by "The Clerk" these stories will enlighten and entertain you through the journey of the human experience. Availble for Listening -
SPECS - Gerny Baines needs bi-focals. Once she gets them she sees a bit more than she expects.
THE MANY TRUTHS OF JACK GEORGE - Jack George comes home one night and finds 3 aliens in his living-room. What happens next is simply a journey through the cosmos and his own history.
ECLIPSE - a continuing horror experience of what happens "when the moon blocks the sun and you find yourself in the ECLIPSE"

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