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Monday, April 03, 2006

Foolish April Fool's Day

It all started out well enough. Had the sitter bribed and booked for the night, convinced Mr. Audio Addict to come along for the ride...

Then the rattle in the car began... and we saw the trail of fluid. Seems the April Fool gods did not want me to attend Coyote Radio's Fool's Fest this year- and they blew my water pump just to make sure. :-(

I AM SO BUMMED OUT!!! Now, I am not the most organized person in this world, but you know I'm excited about something when I actually print a map, and call to find out how traffic will be on the drive up so I could figure out the best time to leave.

I AM SO BUMMED OUT!!! Yes I know I said that all ready. But LOOK at all the fun they had!
And I was SO looking forward to trying for the prestigious title of Queen! However, it looks like this royal pair proved themselves worthy of their titles. :-)

To Coyote Radio- I am SO happy that your fund raiser was a success, and I look forward to hearing clips from the evening!!!

~(a very bummed) Dani


Jamie said...

oh man ... that's just so unfair! Hope the trouble gets fixed quick and inexpensively, so you can make it to the next event!

Audio Addict said...

Well, all has ended well and (fairly) inexpensively. :-)

Oh don't you worry- I can't be kept away forever!! I'm a very determined individual! ;-)