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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Wait for the End is Over!

I think my boyz* up in Halifax just didn't want it to end! However, due to an entirely separate podcast than what was heard on the radio Tuesday evening, I understand the delay. If you would like info on the broadcast version of the show, scroll down a bit or click here.

For those who DID listen to the show Tuesday, or got the archives, it's like you have an extra original episode to listen to! Texas Radio helps end the season with a special Hans Christian Anderson tale, and you get to hear how the greedy crew of the Albion fare with the conclusion of Shadowlands Theatre's "Ghosts of the Present".

In between, cut from the archives of Tuesday's show and tweaked only slightly for time, we bring the podcast world a treat with a chat between the current host, the future host, and--- an addict with a cold. ;-)

Enjoy! And keep sending your love to Sonic Society in the off-season!

*WTF? What am I a 13-year-old in an IM conversation?

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