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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Join me in Hell

UPDATE 3: The podcast is up! Go download it NOW and see why I've been raving about this show to everyone I know (and don't know) all day today!!


Oh Dammit! I cannot believe I have to wait an entire week for the second half of Dark Descent! AAHHHHHHH!
I have absolutely no self control, I may have to buy a copy and get it overnighted to me because I do not know how I will be able to wait!

UPDATE: OMFG! I am 10 minutes into the show and I had to come here and make a quick note about how f***ing AWESOME this thing is so far!

Oh wow. You know, I have GOT to get more on top of what is happening on my main addiction. Talk about one click leading to many other clicks and discoveries.

So I find an entire site devoted to Afterhell, and what do you know there's a blog. I like blogs, if you haven't figured that one out yet. I'm always expecting a mention of the Sonic Society, but I always get extra-giggly when I see the Addict Blog mentioned too! (Some would argue that I am ALWAYS giggly, but if you talk to Mr. Audio Addict you might get a different take on that.)

The best part of this discovery is now I know who Jamie is! Yay! Thank you for joining the Addict map!
I also know who the shy one is... ahem.

Can't wait to hear part one of Afterhell tonight... it seems like my kind of audio experience.

8pm Eastern (Note to self: Time change! Must get pizza hour earlier!)

Show notes:


Jamie said...

We'll see what we can do about getting a picture of Joe for you ... we sincerely hope that listening to "Dark Descent" won't change your mind about wanting to see one ... :)

We will definitely look forward to finding out what you think of our initial effort in the world of audiodrama. We have just completed "Afterhell: Volume 2" so please be sure to keep tabs on the website for more information about that! We'd like to think it's even better than "Dark Descent."

Joe said...

Overnighted?! Oh snap....

Wow, we're glad you're enjoying it so far. I was hoping we'd get some positive feedback after the broadcast, what with the solitary profession and the working-in-a-vacuum jazz.

We'll be sending Jack & Andrew a copy of Volume 2. They might have to bleep a few things (we went into semantical Sopranos territory, oopsie.) Maybe you'd be interested in a copy for yourself...?

And yes, in a word, yes--we're working on a decent pic of yours truly. The most recent pics of me have so far resembled shots of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Eraserhead." No joke. I think I've finally made my case that shutterbuggin' is no good when I'm exhausted or I'd spent the day pulling my hair in overly caffeinated frustration.

See ya next week....

Audio Addict said...

I am all ready out sitting on my doorstep waiting for the FedEx man! But he's cute so I don't mind waiting... ;-)

I tell you- it ended and I shook my head like coming out of a trance and was all like, "WTF?" To which my daughter called out- "Mom! No bad words!" Whoops.

Those guys up in Halifax sure know how to tease an addict...

I look forward to next week!