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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Turn that radio show into a podcast!

Just recently on a podcasting network I'm on there was a question about turning a radio show into a podcast. Well, what do you know? There is software available to radio broadcasters thanks to Prophet Systems and their pod accelerator. (why do I hear reverb when I think "Pod Acceleratorrrrrrr...."?) Some key features:

  • The system stamps the mp3, with ID3 tagging (containing metadata for the audio). The updated RSS information and the new .mp3 are uploaded to the designated location(s).
  • Included in the data you can update before posting, is how many prior shows to list. This is possible, as the system keeps track of all prior shows until you purge them from the RSS data and show description as well as website and podcast information.
  • Version 2.5.9, coming in September, includes iTunes tagging. The entire process from “Create Podcast” to “Podcast uploaded” has been consistently 5-6 times faster than real time, and will be much faster if the station audio is not compressed.
  • While the preceding is the most exciting addition to NexGen, we have also created two other ways to podcast audio.

• A “Show” that is already recorded, can be uploaded as a podcast from a menu option found in the Production library.

• The Digital Reel to Reel (DRR) timed background recorder module (version 2.5.9) is being outfitted with similar abilities, as mentioned above, meaning that once a show has been recorded, it can automatically be sent to a site for podcast download.

Ah.. ain't technology grand? What's next- software to make a podcast that doesn't require a human voice to record?


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