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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another cult sci-fi re-creation

BTR Productions has released another Blake's Legacy episode- Traces, the fourth episode in its
Blakes 7 sequel series, Blake's Legacy -- Restoration, now available for downloading at the BTR website!

Arriving on an unidentified planet in the Tarron system, the fugitives
discover a mysterious group of archaeologists digging up some strange
objects in the dirt and sand on the barren world. One of their number,
Feeld, believes that this discovery could lead to the biggest revelation
regarding the origin of the human race -- an origin with alien

However, before too long Style and Asimov have a mystery of their own on
their hands.

What is the significance of the remains Feeld and the archaeologists
have discovered? Why is a flattened ration tin the most important item
on the planet? With the Federation closing in, and time running out,
will the fugitives discover the connection between the remains on this
planet and the secret Federation codeword "Brigand"?

They are also finding good success with their Dr. Who podcast that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here on the Addicts blog- if you haven't listened yet, well duh why not?

Head down under and check 'em out!

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