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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cool Radio Theatre Exists in Arizona too!

UPDATE: Anyone know someone who can babysit my kids? I actually convinced Mr. Addict to join me on this journey- so I'm scrambling. But I am determined, and will my butt up to Prescott this Saturday for the Fool's Fest!
For those of you in the area, or have access to alot of cash and time to kill- here are the details!! It looks to be an awesome evening!
(Mom- if you're reading this- call me!!! Don't you want some quality time with your grandchildren?? Hmmm??)

Which I all ready knew of course- but I've been holding out. OK, not really holding out, but I finally got on their mailing list. :-D From their website:

Digging up the corpse of American radio theater and putting a funny hat on it, that’s the Coyote’s plan for world domination.

Come visit your friends in the tiny northern Arizona town of Crest Top (rhymes with “messed up”) for a taste of things that just ain’t right.

Of course, there’s no connection between any real town in northern Arizona and their innocent comic shennanigans.

From Prescott, AZ, Coyote Radio has podcasts! Yes, the plural is intentional. Not only do they have their hilarious live theatre group, but they have a few other shows they are broadcasting from their community radio station up in Northern Arizonaland... which I just found out in Google maps is 122 miles away from the Addict. Well, it's closer than Halifax...

But now even those IN Halifax can hear what Coyote radio has to offer! They are also hard at work on building their new studio- very exciting!

I now have my calendar marked for April 1st- there is no reason this addict can't get her butt up to Prescott for their grand opening! After all, for the average driver it's 2 1/2 hours... but I'm not your average driver. ;-)

See you in Prescott on April 1- and that is no foolin'!

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