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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Society goes Goth!

UPDATE: OMG- These guys up in Oregon ROCK! Did you know that Steven Colbert calls Oregon "the Canada of California"? That always makes me giggle, I don't know why... Anywho the podcast is up- so if you missed the show last night- head on over and download the podcast! You also will get a special treat- an extended version of DRE's Robotz of the Company and the Bot War! It's a great episode, and includes the voices of the SS duo themselves, Jack and Andrew. Trust me, you won't even recognize them!


Another debut on the Addict's main addiction this week- Willamette Radio Workshop and their first ever On-The-Air Workshop production, Next Year's Girl. From WRW's website:

Next Year'’s Girl uses rich imagery and strong narrative to present a gothic horror twist on the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. In this compelling story, an old woman shares her chilling experience as the sacrificial maiden sent by her village to the mysteriously foreboding castle of the Beast. But this is not a bedtime story for the faint of heart. Breeden plumbs the psychological depths of archetypal horror as she takes us down twists, turns and hidden dark alleys through the riveting theater of the mind.

Theatre of the mind... do you know that is my absolute favorite radio drama phrase? I mean, they all use it- but it doesn't matter, because it's so accurate. :-) Afterwards you can hear from one of the members of WRW as well as a fan of the Addicts blog, Sam Mowry. :-)

Then after that- we are up to Episode 10 of Yankee Clipper- quite a full show planned! Can you believe this is the 27th week straight of new radio drama? (I bet Andrew can believe it- LOL!)

On the podcast side, they just finished up with Biff Straker and Spaceways! If you haven't yet subscribed- well you know this Addict thinks you're crazy not to! Head to the podcast site and subscribe to the feed today! Now! This very instant!

All right, I've babbled enough, and it's nearly 1:30 in the morning! (Well that would explain it, wouldn't it?) I have some great entries planned, so you know what I'll be doing during tomorrow's (todays?) broadcast. :-)


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