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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My silly post for today

I can't help it... it's Kiefer! :-)

Jack Bauer's iTunes Playlist

Kiefersutherland Is it a bad thing that I can't separate Kiefer Sutherland from Jack Bauer anymore? Nahhhh.

Anyway, Jack took a break from killing terrorists and seeking out the centox nerve gas to make a celebrity playlist for the folks over at iTunes. And of course, just like Jack, it's pretty damn cool.

Not surprisingly, Jack included famously cool artists like David Bowie, XTC, The Police and Marvin Gaye. But I don't know about his inclusion of "Angel" by Sarah McLachlin. That must've been a Kiefer pick.

Click the thumbnail to the right to check out the tracklisting. Playlist

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