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Saturday, March 11, 2006

More podcasting right under my nose

That podiobooks website keeps sneaking up on me- and I now know why. There is an Arizona connection! Today (well, at this point it would be yesterday) I get an email from Evo Terra, asking me why I live in the Southeast Valley, and have not yet visited the Dragon Page recording studio. I was like, "what am I missing???"

Turns out I'm missing ALOT- dammit! What sort of addict *am* I? Heck- even the Beyond Science podcast knows about them!

Dragon Page does everything from audio books, book reviews, to a few podcasts of their own. Go over and check out the site- TONS of good info and links and podcasts, oh my!

But I bet you all ready knew that- I feel like I'm the last one to know! *sniffle* I mean you should see their frappr map!
Watch out guys- the addict may be crashing your party soon! (Though if there's beer involved, I should come for the "Wingin' It" podcast. ;-) )

PS- I've been told by some that they have had problems with trying to subscribe to the books on the Podiobooks site. Just an FYI- you have to register first (it's free), then you can go in and you get your subscription options. They have also just introduced rating options for subscribers. (Psst! they have a Frappr map too!)

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