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Friday, November 02, 2007

It's An Audio X-Cursion!

A lot of the "old-school" audio cinema that received play on Sonic Society's awesome first season I'm happy to report are still around and kicking!

One of those groups is Bradley Phoenix's Montage Theatre. Based in New York (yo!), their audio plays vary in length. Some skits are less than a minute. Most are less than 10 minutes. He's written some 30 minute audio plays as well. They also cover several genres, from "Twilight Zone"-type plays, science fiction, Saturday Night Live-type satires, horror, mystery, and drama.

Much to this slightly-political (she says with a giggle) Addict's delight- a grouping of progressive skits and plays! I listened to a few of the shorter ones, and ohhhhhh...... me likey!

Take a listen for yourself!

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