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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Podcamp AZ Has Arrived!

I'm very excited for today is the first annual Podcamp in Arizona! There are 127 people signed up for the event- I find this very impressive for the first one! I can't wait to meet up with the ones I know, and meet even more social media geeks too! Here are the session for the day:

Opening General Session - 9am
(Chris Brogan to stream welcome message)

Series I - 10:15am - 11: 15am

Podcasting for Profit - Fred Casteneda
'Streaming Live Video - Taking your community to the next level: 'Nicole & Marc Spagnuolo
Audio Podcasting Basics - Kathy Jacobs
ROI of Social Media - Steven Groves
Show in a Box - Cheryl Colan
Social Networking: Being a social puddle jumper - Clintus_McGintus

Series II - 11:30am - 12: 30pm

'From Commentors to Contributors - Building Rabid Fans'- Evo Terra
Developing ideas and content for a weekly show - Douglas Welch
Podcasting & Education - Panel discussion; Alan A. Lew (facilitator), Susan F. Heywood and Laura Carscaddon
The Idea that is Web 2.0 - Victor Johnson
Determining the right length for your podcast - Aaron Bates, Cj Feierabend
Destination Media - Justine Ezarik & Jason Waldrip

Lunch/Outdoor Show - 12:30pm - 2pm

Series III - 2:15pm - 3:15pm

'Building a Podcast from the Ground Up - Steps to take when starting from scratch': Nicole & Marc Spagnuolo
'Improve Your Online Video' - Israel Hyman
Marketing in 3D Worlds - Connecting the Metaverse and Real Life - Lon Safko & Steven Groves
Beyond Podcasting - How to leverage Cross-Media - Michael R. Mennenga
Why it is Necessary to Build and Maintain an Online Brand and How to do It. - Susan F. Heywood
Ask A Kent - Kent Nichols

Series IV - 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Real Estate and Social Media - Steven Groves
Why Community Matters in the New Media World: Jack Mangan
Video Blogging: Sharing moments with the world - Clintus_McGintus
Podfading - Ken Crockett
PPT/Blog/Screencasting - Kathy Jacobs

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm
Closing Session in Theater

As with the Podcast Expo, you can follow along with my day on Twitter. You will also find a live stream all day long at UStream. Think I might just post a recap rather than live blogging this time however.. after the failed experiment from Ontario, CA! :-D

Looks to be an excellent day! Yeesh, I'd better get some sleep!

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Michelle S. said...

Thanks so much for coming to PodCamp AZ! We had about 250 show up, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Stay in touch!

Michelle S.