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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Cheesy Goodness of Schlock Audio is Back!

How I've missed the cheese! I'm very happy to report that our friends at Schlock Audio Theatre are back and better than ever! They have teamed up with the marvelous production stylings of Texas Radio Theatre, and their first production is now available!

Robot Monster
"Earth has been invaded by diving helmet wearing, gorilla-suited aliens hell bent on universal domination! Humanity is but one family away from extinction! This is an exciting episode that CANT BE MISSED! HURRY! Put your audio goggles on and tune in as an epic battle rages, bubbles are blown, and the fate of our world is decided, ALL IN ASTOUNDING TECHNICOLOR 3-D STEREO!!!!"

Head over to the all-new Schlock website and download away! Welcome back to the audio cinema world- we've missed you!


Rich said...

Thanks for the mention Dani,

"Cheese - it's what's for dinner."

Thanks to Schlock the TRTC can still be active...

Here's the scoop why TRTC's been kind of 'under the radar'...

Due to a higher than normal workload in 'legitimate' theater (the one that pays moolah), the TRTC had to cut back on our staged audio play schedule. As it stands, we have just three more productions in our 2007-2007 season.

Schlock allows us to kick back and do a few casual/fun plays on our own time, when we feel like it helped along with plenty of beer and pizza (which isn't as helpful during our live performances).

Even better - these plays are available directly on the web... so it's good for everyone, right?

Audio Addict said...

Cheese on the web *is* a good thing- my friend you should be podcasting this stuff too- you'll reach an even bigger audience!

*nudge-nudge wink-wink*


Rich said...

ok ok ok ok ok

I'm renewing my podcast account... and this better work Alice, or so help me... BANG... ZOOOOOOOM!