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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nocturnal and Playing for Keeps

Yesterday both Mur Lafferty and Scott Sigler released the first episodes of their new books.

Mur's book, Playing For Keeps is a "Super Hero's are Real" idea. This is the book she had been trying to get published via an old world publisher, its unfortunate that she wasn't able to find a publisher. However its great that its now being podcasted, with 3 different feeds.

Scott's book, Infection is an interesting twist on his normal works. This book's appears to be more in the line with his older works such as Earthcore, or Ancestor. In the first episode he has reference to his other books, and to books by other authors of podcast novels. He has also created a special Google Maps that will show where all the locations are for the damage takes place in the novel.

I'd recommend getting into both of these, they appear to both be very good works.

1 comment:

Scott Sigler said...

Looks like my other comment didn't go through ...

I hope you keep digging NOCTURNAL. The Google Maps bit is a new way to show the location of a story. San Francisco is doomed!