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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Podcast Peer Nominations Are Open

The Winter '08 nominations for the Podcast Peer Awards are now open! All new categories this time, and that includes an Audio Drama one! (You won't be able to see the link unless you are registered, and you can find out how to do that by clicking here.)

There are all ready six audio dramas that have been nominated:

* Mustache Rangers
* Buffy Between The Lines
* The Red Panda
* Firefly: Old Wounds
* Children of the Gods
* Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira

There are plenty of other categories to nominate shows in as well- so have fun browsing, voting, and adding your own nominations! There is a lot of time for nominating, now through February 2nd! However, I'd get nominating in now, and then get voting! The top five of all the nominations make it to the finals.

Good luck, and spread the word to all your fellow podcasting peers!

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