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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Season Four of Robotz Begins!

Hooray! I'm so excited- because this season of Dream Realm's Robotz of the Company is probably the best yet! I've so enjoyed hearing how this series has progressed over the last two years- and you need to listen too! Season 4 begins with a Halloweenie treat for you all:

"Night of the Living Gunk! or Gunkenstein!" An experiment aboard the Titan 1 causes gunk to come to life! Will it be the best night of Brisco's life, or will it be the end of the Robotz of the Company?! Tune in to the 4th Season Premiere to find out!

Yes! Do Tune In! Click the sub-line to head to the podcast site, or grab the feed right.... HERE.

Remember too you can also spread the word about Dream Realm and the Botz by kindly playing their promos on your radio show/podcast!

Praise the Company!

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