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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Do you hear the Siren's Song?

I'm extra-excited about this audio play from Dream Realm Enterprises, Siren Song. Why? Because I helped out a bit in the post-production editing! :-D

It's a great story, the music fits it perfectly and it has just the right amount of scare to warm you on a cool October evening.

"Emergency room medic, Dr Tim Dameron has fairly run of the mill life until he meets a beautiful redhead from Ireland named Fiona who he believes to be disabled, but whom he learns is "differently-abled". It's a suspenseful "fish story" from the scrolls of The Realm Weaver!"

You can hear Siren Song on the latest episode of The Sonic Society. Soon there will be a direct link (to the audio drama only) on Dream Realm's website.

UPDATE: Direct link to Siren Song:

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