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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Audio Links

I had intended to have many posts up showing you all the great Halloween fun in the audio cinema universe. I was all prepared to come home from my trip to the middle of the United States and do this for all my fellow addicts...

...and then I caught a (not so) lovely head cold. Which stole another week from me. *sigh*

So, since we are getting awfully close to that wonderful All Hallow's Eve, I decided to give you the condensed version! That way you can still head over and listen to these wonderful productions, and have a few chills creep up your spine in honor of the holiday. Mu-wah-hahahaaaa...

* Radio Drama Revival has an entire line-up of ghoulish delights awaiting your ears.. including Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus, as adapted by Quicksilver Audio Theatre.

* Broken Sea Audio is also celebrating with several Halloween audio happenings, both original as well as some readings from the suspense greats! (Also an awesome banner to get in the spirit of things!)

* The Sonic Society is celebrating with their Halloween show on the 30th with a new production from Sonic Cinema, Muse of Madness.

* Colonial Radio Theatre's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes is now available too! I've listened to it (yes the review-writing hasn't exactly been as forthcoming as I'd hoped) and I highly recommend adding this to your repertoire of audio theatre classics! It's one of my favorite stories, as well as one of the first to scare me before my Stephen King fixation began. Colonial, as always, has a unique way of whisking you off to an entirely different place for a couple of hours, and this is no exception. You can get all the ordering details at their website!

* Ollin Production's Afterhell series is always available, and especially fits this time of year too!

UPDATE: Icebox Radio Theatre is podcasting their Halloween production from last year, "The Bats".

I am sure I have missed a few here and there. But if you click on any of the radio drama links on the sidebar, I am sure you will find many more Halloween-happenings. If you're not on the list- let me know!

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