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Friday, October 26, 2007

A new contributor!

I realized the other day that I'm busy. Not "too much on my plate" busy, but I do have my fingers in a whole lotta pie.

Don't get me wrong- I luuuv pie, but I'm not giving this place the attention it deserves. I get plenty of email with all you awesome audio drama folk asking me to listen to things- and one person just can't do it all. (Honestly, even if this were the only thing I were doing, I still couldn't get to it all- which is awesome!) With the increasing popularity of the blog, however, I decided to see if I could hunt down other audio addicts to give me a hand around here.

I found a sucker- erm, a fellow addict in Chris Moody, who hosts the interview show Podio Media Chat. He's interviewed plenty in the audio/podio world, including audio cinema greats Gregg Taylor, Jack Ward, and just recently Jonathan Patrick Russell!

Welcome Chris- we all look forward to your contributions to the Addict's blog!

If anyone else has an interest in being a contributor, please send an email my way at The pay sucks, but the hours and great and the boss is a REAL push-over. ;-)

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