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Friday, October 05, 2007

Buffy Between The Lines Coming October 6th

The Joss Whedon world is buzzing with anticipation of the very first Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan audio drama! October 6th is when it hits everyone's ears!

It's also the second Joss fan audio drama ever created, beginning with Sonic Cinema's Firefly: Old Wounds audio drama.

Update 1: (Note: Buffy Between The Lines is not affiliated with Sonic Society. There was some confusion about that.)

One of the writers/producers of this fan audio, and extreme Whedon fan girl Tabitha Smith, had this to say about the upcoming release:

"I'm more then a little bit thrilled that this project is coming to our listeners. With 65 cast members, 35 crew members and 12 episodes, it's been a massive undertaking... but now we're finally ready to release our first episode and I couldn't be prouder of our team!"

You can subscribe now, so as not to miss the premiere!

Update 2: I was one of the lucky ducks who received an advanced copy of episode 1, although silly me waited like a week and a half to listen.... bad Dani. I must say though- it is really great! You do need to know the Buffy series to understand what is going on, however. I felt a little lost in that respect.. trying to connect with characters who are all ready established. (There are definitely some DVD rentals in my future, I think.)

The acting was really well done too- no one sounded dry or stale. Wonderful readings. Great sound effects- and the music! They sure scored a big one getting the Beatnik Turtles to write their theme song. You can really tell all the hard work that is going into bringing this audio drama to fan's ears.

The only complaint I have, (and really, it's a small one) is the promos. My personal preference is the beginning and/or the end of a podcast. They have promos all throughout, like commercials. I felt myself reaching for the remote to fast forward! (Yes I am a slave to TiVo.*wink*) I also understand that every show has its style. I don't know for sure, but I bet they were just trying to keep it like a TV show.

So- 7am is the time tomorrow when everyone can get their ears on this, so sync your mp3 players and download Episode 1! I don't think you will be disappointed, I know I wasn't!

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