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Monday, November 14, 2005

Soul Searching

Another Tuesday is upon us, and a couple more episodes of The Soul Patrol are ready to go in the Society this week! For those who have been following the series, here is what is in store:

#5. My Camp
Billi screws up and allows a teenage girl to get in touch with a past life. You'll never guess who she was. Hijinks ensue.

6. Bridge Of Indecision
There's no winning against heaven as Holly finds out when she's court martialed for insubordination. Her punishment is to make an excruciating decision for God. It's not pretty.

This week's interview I am most definitely looking forward to- because I will finally get to hear the voice of Robotz of the Company creator Jonithan Russell! See, in my mind he sounds like a Robot... I'm not sure why that is. ;-) The interview leads right into the next episode of the series, so I get to keep right on giggling...

Unless it's a serious interview. Serious and technical and joke-free. (Oh I couldn't even type that with a straight face! Somehow I don't think the interview will go that way.)

Yes fellow addicts, another good show is lined up for us. So I know you will all be listening! You should all drop Jack an email and tell him what a fantastic job he is doing with Sonic Society too!



Jonithan Russell said...

Thank you for such kind words, Dani! I so appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Audio Addict said...

It was a GREAT interview Jon! It was also nice to hear the man behind the machine(s)! ;-)

I also can't wait to hear your other projects on the show!