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Monday, November 28, 2005

How crazy is your reality?

Tomorrow's Sonic Society proves to be an interesting story- Crazy Dog Audio Theatre premiers in the Society with something for the virtually video game minded in us all:

Gerry In The Dark Passage A story of a virtual man who lost his virtual way. Written, directed & produced by Roger Gregg

A dark, disturbing drama in which a man experiencing a schizophrenic breakdown retreats into his graphically violent hostage-rescue computer game. As his psychosis progresses, the game begins to spill into his real life with tragically violent consequences.

Afterwards... listen in for some information about the Consortium Comics project, an interview with the writer of the headlining show, and yes friends we have the current flagship Titan 1 closing us out with one of the final episodes of Robotz of the Company. Remember a few entries ago where I mentioned familiar voices? Well, make sure you listen in tomorrow to see if you recognize any of them! :-D


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