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Monday, November 28, 2005

Sonic Society Podcast!

I sure got a shocker this morning. As I'm downloading all my podcasts into iTunes this morning, I recognized a certain show downloading through the Radio Memories Podcast. I paused, rubbed my tired, holiday-hung-over eyes, and looked again. Sure enough- there it was.

Radio Memories Network has picked up the Sonic Society in their podcasts! WoooooooT! You can find them on Channel 3, which is the Theatre Channel. Now EVERYONE and their family, friends, and pets can understand why I rave about this show the way I do!

So everyone drop what you're doing and subscribe NOW! In your podcast program, just do a search for RMN Channel 3 Radio Theatre. You can listen and download directly off of Radio Memories website as well. I also have a link set up under The Main Addiction- so there is no way to get out of this! Our voices are legion- so spread the word!

Yay! I'm so happy for the Sonic team, as well as for all the other audio theatre groups that are going to get even more exposure now! Congratulations guys, you have worked hard for this!


1 comment:

Serenity Nova said...

We had no idea that Sonic Society was going to join the ranks of the Radio Memories Network! Awesome!

We started airing 10-15 minute "mini" episodes a few weeks ago and have gotten a great response from them. I'm sure all the other troupes who've signed on with the Sonic Society will see the same response from folks.

It's great to know that there's an audience out there who wants to hear audio theater! Hurray!

- Cindy Woods
Prometheus Radio Theatre