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Monday, November 07, 2005

A new member is inducted

Weeks sure seem to fly by. Bad because I feel like I never get any work done, and good because we're all ready up to the next meeting of Sonic Society!

We went to visit the Great-Grandparents over the weekend. It's always so much fun to visit them- and my girls always pump them for information. This week is was about their lineage, as my older daughter has been curious about that. Well, Grumpy (as he is known adoringly as) was just BEAMING as he rattled off 14 generations of Cutlers, since they came to America.

But I do have a point to my rambling. They recently got satellite radio as a gift, and they just love it. They have only about 4 stations they listen to. One happens to be- Old Time Radio! So I told them all about my little pet project here, and they were so surprised to know that radio drama still existed! Then, when I saw that Decoder Ring Theatre was going to be played this week- I made myself a note to get them a copy of the show to see what they thought about it. I also noticed they have a podcast, so you know I subscribed to that too...

So you know where I will be camped out Tomorrow, hope you'll be listening too!

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