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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Willamette goes Lovecraft-y!

And the award for the lamest subject line on a blog goes to-
(and that is why I'm the blogger, NOT the writer.)

There's a new free download over at the WRW website:

The OUTSIDER by HP Lovecraft has been adapted by Joe Medina and Voiced by Sam A. Mowry. The chilling tale of the supernatural by the master of the form. Mowry and Medina, of Willamette Radio Workshop and Afterhell, have co produced a spoken word audio theater mix that brings out the essence of Lovecraft while adding the production values of their award winning Audio Dramas. We hope you enjoy our story, originally broadcast on KBOO 90.7 fm in Portland, Oregon and now shared for free down load from the Willamette Radio Workshop's website.

When Willamette and Ollin collaborate, you know you've got audio gold. :-)

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