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Friday, November 10, 2006

Busy weekend in Prescott!

Cool stuff! Coyote Radio's annual Day of the Dead Dinner fundraiser is tomorrow night! I have yet to get on up there to meet this awesome troop, since my April Fool's plans actually ended up being quite the fool's joke on me. Won't be able to get there this time either, but there were cool things I found that I want to share with you!

First, if you want more information on the Day of the Dead Dinner, go here.

Also, there is a great talk about voice-acting and sound effects by Angie Johnson-Schmit and Tiffany Boehle of Coyote Radio Theater on the Prescott Arts Beat Podcast. I just subscribed and am downloading as I type- I can't wait to hear it!

(UPDATE: I'm now listening to part 2.. and I can officially say it's great now- because it really is! Listen! Now! )
(UPDATE #2: Just finished part 3. Oh all you Canadians.... if you want to know what a few Arizonans think of your funny-factor... teeheeeee.....
Great interview Andrew!)

Have fun this weekend Prescottians! (yeah I just made that up).

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