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Friday, November 10, 2006

First Pickle Tales Submissions Available

OK, I'm late. Voting ended at noon yesterday. Whoops. Sorry about that, but I'm only now just listening to the stories so I haven't voted either! I would still suggest subscribing to the feed, or listening through the Pickle Tales Podcast page, because these are really some great stories! Here's a list:

Current Contestants:

"The Pawn" by Mark Butler
"Vagabond" by Phil Rossi, of Filling the Page
"Rat Combat" by Dan of Long and Prosper
"Lincoln, As I Recall" by Laurence Simon of 100 word stories
"Sell Me A Story" by Tony Mast of the Fanboy Smackdown Podcast
"Going Under and Losing His Underwear" by Curt Brandao of the Digital Slob Podcast

Coming November 13th, Round 1B (November 13th):
"Greensleeves" by Sonny Swinheart, of J-Talk
"Distinctive" by Michael Spence, of Brother Osric's Scriptorium
"The Practical Joke" by Robert "The Keeme" Keeme of the Keemecast
"The Book" by Manata of Squirrelbait
"Simple Ivan" by Dennis, Kimberly and Zephyr Goza of the Activated Storytellers
"The Helpful Dead" by William L. Ross of Smart Bomb Radio

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