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Monday, April 02, 2007

Manna For The Arts

Great new podcast has debuted, that I think all audio drama enthusiasts will enjoy and benefit from.

Manna for the Arts is "a one-hour audio program featuring audio theater, interviews with inspiring artists, health tips, mind puzzlers and more. Listen at your computer or download it to jazz up your commute. write us with your questions, or to order a CD of the program."

It looks like a lot of fun, and I have put it in iTunes so I'm able to check it out later! (I'm currently in the middle of some GREAT audio drama entries, so I have a running list of what to check out when the "work" is complete). Here's the lowdown for the first episode:

  • Part One: "The Extra News", Interview with opera soprano Delynn Ketcherside, "Health In the Jungle": weight loss tips, audio theater drama "Finding Peter"
  • Part Two: Continued interview with Delynn Ketcherside, the "Artstimulant" (poetic puzzler), audio theater comedy "Where's My Sting?", the "Final Word to Ponder"
You can grab the feed:

Or get the show directly off their website:

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