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Monday, April 21, 2008

It's TV Turnoff Week!

The perfect week to introduce your child to some great podcasts/audio dramas!

* Giddio Audio Adventures for Kids, featuring Billy Brown the Bear.
* Bedtime Stories My Kids Love Podcast, featuring the Adventures of The Man In The Can
* The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, which most of the readers know is for the kid in ALL of us!

As for you big kids, you're not off the hook either. How are YOU spending TV Turnoff week? (Yes, you can record your favorite TV goodies like The Office- it will be there next week. Besides, that's Thursday so you don't have long to wait.)

I'm going to check out Chasing The Bard, and I've also been catching up on Metamor City too.

Put that remote DOWN!

1 comment:

Jens said...

Your mentioning of Giddio is greatly appreciated; thank you very much!


Founder & Top Kid
Giddio - Audio adventures for kids!