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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Podcast Infection Spreads To Print

UPDATE: The SFGate has a profile of podcasting novelist Scott Sigler that looks at how he’s used free podcasts to promoting his writing career (from Podcasting News).

On 3/27:
Coming April 1st, the successful podcast novel "Infected", by horror writer/podcaster Scott Sigler will be released in print. I am always excited to see podcasters move forward in their successes! Not just excitement for them, but also for the light it brings to the podcasting world.

For the next couple of days, the book is available as a .pdf- for free! There is also an interesting post by Cory Doctorow on the Boing Boing blog about the download and how publishers work in general in promoting book releases. If nothing else, the comments always add to the enjoyment!

If you want to know more about the master of pod-horror, JC Hutchins interviewed Sigler on his latest UltraCreatives interview podcast (which btw is another podcast that you should be listening to, fellow addicts!). He doesn't make Sigler cry, but you are always assured a good time when Hutchins and Sigler are together!


1 comment:

Scott Sigler said...

Thanks for posting this! I hope your readers grab a copy and enjoy the free goodness (then feel so filled with guilt for getting something THAT SUPER-HOT for free that they shell out the $ for the hardcover on April 1).