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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Looking for a new Story Telling Podcast?

Are you looking for a new podcast that is along the same line as: EscapePod? There is a new podcast available which I've helped a little with called
For being such a new podcast it does indeed sound very professionally done, which isn't by accident as they have acquired the assistance of someone who works in Hollywood to do the sound editing.

Their latest story, The Interview is a rather interesting story commenting on how badly government secrets can hurt, especially when only a few know the truth.

The political commentary done by the young people at the beginning of the story may seem a little out of place for a group of people so young, but after having met them, it is actually their own words.

So if your looking for a new donation supported story podcast to get behind, try out ClonePod.

You can subscribe to them with this RSS feed.

1 comment:

Brother Wolf said...

I have not listened to the cone podcast, but I have been listening to escapepod for over a year so I am going to have to assume that the clone cast is pretty good for you it to merit such a high recomendation.