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Friday, February 22, 2008

Dream Realm: One big update!

All sorts of awesome audio goodness from Dream Realm Enterprises to talk about! From their latest newsletter:

"After being in post production hell for well over two years, Granville Scott's second audio production for DRE's anthology series known only as The Realm Weaver, finally sees the light of day! Avatar is released over the course of two weeks as a two part drama! What happens when young ex-student Jason Knight creates an interactive love-mate who isn't quite what he bargained for? Can he somehow program her to behave more human? What happens when he enlists the aid of his old college professor? Tune in to to find out! Avatar stars: Steve Anderson as Jason Knight, JEff Niles as Dr. Kemper Kahn, Lexy Vanier as Lenore, and Cookie Colletti as Helen!

Check out the BRAND NEW sci-fi drama from Granville Scott, "Avatar"!! A story about a boy, a virtual girl, and a galaxy! Well, okay we made up the galaxy bit! But trust us, you'll love this one!

It's available NOW for FREE to download at! So, go to the website, or follow the link below to download it right now! Visit us on the web or follow the link provided below (or copy and paste into your web browser):"

Realm Weaver #3 "Avatar" written by Granville Scott:

Also, the next installment of "The Dark Building Lounge" turns the mic around and interviews the wonderful host of the series, Jeff Niles:

And finally, DRE's Robotz of the Company is preparing for it's 5th (and possibly final) season, and they want YOU to write an episode for them. If you've been listening from the beginning, ROTC has come a long way over the past few years, both in story, and behind the scenes. It's definitely the little audio production that could! Now Jon is gathering ideas on where to take the botz next, and would love to see other writers get involved!

Want to know more? Visit the thread started on Audio Drama Talk for all the details! And do it soon, there is a deadline of March 15th for submissions!

So much audio goodness from such a great company- head over today and see how you can join in on the awesomeness that is Dream Realm Enterprises!

UPDATE! Part Two of "Avatar" is NOW available:

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