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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They are teenagers! From outer space!

Schlock Audio (who is now partnered with Texas Radio Theatre) is back and in full cheese-mode with all new B-movie goodness! Teenagers from Outer Space-ace-ce-e....

"Earth has been invaded by diving helmet wearing, gorilla-suited aliens hell bent on universal domination! Humanity is but one family away from extinction! This is an exciting episode that CANT BE MISSED! HURRY! Put your audio goggles on and tune in as an epic battle rages, bubbles are blown, and the fate of our world is decided, ALL IN ASTOUNDING TECHNICOLOR 3-D STEREO!!!!"

As with every Schlock audio, I must have popcorn while listening. You can also hear a very funny blooper reel which is up on the podcast feed. The feed sports both Texas Radio and Schlock productions- and I'm sure Teenagers from Outer Space will be in the feed soon!


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