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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Grey, A Podiobook worth a Listen.

Hi, fellow Audio Addicts, JT from The Gigcast here. I'm new to this here AA blog, so I thought I'd throw Caush into the wind (he likes that sort of thing) and jump right in with a recommendation/review.

Recently I was talking with Christiana Ellis of “Nina Kimberly” and “Space Casey” fame. (name drop #1) And mentioned to her I was looking for a new Podiobook to read. She recommended Grey, by Jon Armstrong. Not for a minute doubting Ms. Ellis’ judgment, I took a look.


“High fashion, corporate malfeasance, celebrity culture, and an obsessed media collide with exuberant violence and volatile intensity in Grey, the explosive debut novel by Jon Armstrong.”

The book takes place in a future where “Ultra” is king, and everything is on the net. Ratings are king and ratings drive business. The gulf between the haves and have-nots is huge, with the corporations being run by Pure blood ‘Families”. Yeah I know, sounds weird, but the future portrayed in the book works in a very Idiocratic way. The story resolves around the heir to a mega company and his arranged marriage/merger to and subsequent break up with the daughter of a competing company.

The reading is well done, and each character has his or her own voice (one reader, but nicely done). Apart from a few minutes of dead air at the end of the first few episodes, there are no major technical problems with the recordings.

This is not a book to listen to with the kids around. Adult language and situations abound, but fit well into the world built by Mr. Armstrong.

This book is recommended by me.



Gabriela said...

I think I have fixed the silence at the end of the first two chapters, both on and

Glad you enjoyed the podcast!

BTW, Grey was just nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award.

Audio Addict said...

Why what do ya know!

Congratulations! I am adding this to the never-ending list of podiobooks I need to start listening to!