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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Podiobook Double-Hitter

Two Podiobooks you should definitely add to your playlist! One all ready 13 chapters in (my favorite/lucky number!) and the other has just begun (Although Metamor has several fabulous short stories in its feed).

Murder At Avedon Hill by P.G Holyfield:

Lord Avedon has a problem. Generations of Avedons have watched over Avedon Hill and controlled the only pass through the Lantis Mountains. Traditions are important to the Avedon family, but one tradition has tragically come to an end. Gretta Platt, Housemistress of Avedon Manor, has been murdered. A member of the Platt family has always served the Avedons as Housemistress… until now.Only a handful of people live at Avedon Hill, and most are suspects. Arames Kragen, retired Aarronic Advisor and scholar of prophecy, arrives at the gates of Avedon Hill, hoping to gain access to the mountain pass. Lord Avedon is not in a giving mood, however…This is the story of Arames Kragen and his attempt not only to discover who killed Gretta Platt, but also to uncover the truth about a town that apparently has more secrets than inhabitants.

Metamor City: Making the Cut by Christopher Lester

The Metamor City Podcast features short stories and novels set in an
urban fantasy world where spells and cyberpunk collide. 1300 years have
passed since the Dark Wizard Nasoj placed a curse on the people of
Metamor Valley, twisting their bodies and minds in the hope of making them his servants. They didn't bow so easily. Now, Metamor governs a benevolent empire that spans half a continent. What was once a rural valley with one large castle has become a towering metropolis of fifteen million people, with four layers of magically-suspended roads and
buildings that rise hundreds of meters into the sky. The Curse is under control -- mostly -- but the people of Metamor are far from safe. In the shadows of Metamor's glittering spires, beneath the glamour and glory of the Jewel of the North, dark things are stirring. The battle for the future is beginning, and more and more people are learning the one eternal truth about Metamor City: No one who comes here ever leaves unchanged.
There are very detailed accounts of this amazing fantasy world right HERE.

Both podiobooks are available through iTunes as well!

1 comment:

P.G. Holyfield said...

Thanks so much for the referral, guys!! And I'm honored to be mentioned in the same article as Chris Lester's Metamor City. Chris's story is already kicking much butt.