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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some of the hottest ladies in podcasting

Podcast Fresh did an entry with who they say are the four hottest female podcasters. I felt they were missing a few, especially since I had only heard of one of them, and do not listen/watch any of those shows.
So, in no particular order, allow me to add to the list:

*Grammar Girl: With well over a million downloads of her podcast, several national newspaper and magazine articles written about her, and an appearance on Oprah, Mignon is definitely a hot podcaster! In terms of content, her show has no boundaries, as everyone uses and needs grammar tips!

*Mighty Mommy: And while I'm on the QDNow site, there is nothing hotter than a Mom! CJ brings down-to-earth and actually useful parenting tips to you every week, from smack dab in the middle of the fray.

*Tag In The Seam: You want a down-to-earth, no frills, no "mother-faking" hot lady, then Leann Mabry is your woman. Telling it like it is, yep that is hot. She knows that women fart, sweat, and cuss like sailors, and she will tell you all about it. Fo Rill.

*Twilight and Thebes: Hot and smart, that is what Miss Twilight is. The co-host of this radically-left political podcast will talk about everything from impeaching the president, and calling out all the government lies to her work as a phone sex dominatrix. All while helping building her own cabin up in northern New Mexico.
A woman building her own home from scratch? Very. Hot.

*Strangely Literal: Fan-fiction geek? Like stories? Like to write stories? Then you need to start listening to Tabz. Strangely Literal is only one of the many fan-fiction related shows she either hosts or participates in. Since my own husband heard her voice and said she sounds like me, then how can she NOT qualify as hot? Her current project in motion is a fan-fiction audio drama based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ok, there are five of my picks for hottest women in podcasting, but there are SOOOO many more! Feel free to comment and add your own five, or hell, do your own blog entry and tell everyone who you think are the hottest in podcasting!


Tvindy said...

Poor Soccer Girl. She's not included on either list.

Wesley said...

I wanna be one of the hottest female podcasters, but not enough to... you know... remove the... um... weiner parts.

Audio Addict said...

OK Wesley... you are now an honorary hot female podcaster! Congrats!

Parsec Award? Pfffft. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I want to be on the list as well, or at least my laugh does!

Also why is my voice crush not listed?! Voice crush = HOT!!! She is even hot when she reads Coke-a-Cola ingredients! Let's get working on this!


AndyCast Andy said...


You list is about hot women podcasters not just hot looking podcasters. I think the whole idea is ridiculous. I am no more drawn to any of the original podcasts simply because they are attractive...they are providing nothing I am interested in. Your list, however, lists some very interesting and downright cool people...and I agree with Barely, you belong on this list too! As does my wife, but then again, I am biased!

Andy Bilodeau

Glenn Webber said...

There is one glaring exception in this list and that would be the name of Mur Lafferty. She is the pioneer of female podcasters, with a fluid voice, genuine delivery, and infectious laugh. Those qualities combined with stimulating content make her, in my opinion, the hottest woman podcaster. Ok so I think she looks great in a Superman t-shirt too.

Audio Addict said...

And see, that's the whole point.

Every female podcaster is unique in their own way. It would be one LONG post to include all the hot ones. ;-)

We need MORE female podcasters! Get to it, ladies!


PS- and thanks, Barely & Andy- shucks... *blush*

Twilight said...

Thanks a bunch for the kind words. :)