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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Podcast Pickle Resetting the Favorites

Yes friends, it's that time again. July 2nd that fab directory Podcast Pickle is resetting the favorites in everyone's account. Why do they do this? Well, for several reasons. One, to weed out the podcasts that might have faded over the past 6 months, and also to give new podcasts a chance to get themselves on the top 100 list. Basically, it gives everyone a fair shake. It also gives the listener a chance to go through their favorites and see if anything has changed in their listening as well. (It happens, trust me.)

This re-setting happens every January and July. This time it's a little different because the Pickle is retiring its "Hall of Fame" and those shows will once again be eligible to make it into the top 100.

So head to the pickle and write down all your favorites this weekend- so you can easily re-add them again!

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