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Monday, June 22, 2009

...and the Podcamp AZ madness begins!

Well it's that time of year again- and enough of a reason to make a blog post! Podcamp Arizona 3.0 has been launched and is ready for you to register!

So, what is a Podcamp? Well, it's considered an "unconference" that encompasses every form of social media around- from Podcasting/vidcasting to all the endless forms of relevant media. The sessions are designed to show you how to use relevant media most effectively for whatever you might want to use it for (and no, I'm not talking in just a "how can I make a million bucks" way. Not everyone wants to do that. Believe it or not.). What makes it an "un"-conference? Anyone can speak, and everyone is involved in the presentations. Also, if you're in a session and it's not for you, everyone is encouraged to use the "rule of two feet" and get up and go check out another session! No worries of hurting the feelings of a presenter! This rule works very well because there are many great sessions happening at the same time, and there's just no way to see all of them!

Oh yeah, did I mention that it's FREE?

This informatively fun weekend is set for November 14th & 15th, and it kicks off the evening of Friday the 13th (isn't that awesome?) with all of the Phoenix "fn's" (friday nights) hanging out on Mill Avenue and walking up and down the street in a drunken stupor!

All right, not ALL of us will be in a drunken stupor, but those who will be- you know who you are. Then Saturday morning the fun begins bright and early at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Or is it Phoenix? It's right there on the border of both cities, I can never remember unless I look up the address.

I've been one of the many, many people who have helped to shape this event into the success it is. I do not say this to brag. However, having the unique behind-the-scenes look over the past three years, I can say I have never been more impressed with how a (un)conference has matured. Not just in size (we had nearly 800 people in attendance last year, and I'm not even counting those who watched online!), but in the quality of the presentations and the plethora of information available. It continues to grow and change each year- and it has to, because what's relevant keeps changing as well. Sure, you get the same intro presentations, but I can say that every year I've gone away learning something new.

Who is Podcamp for? Just about everyone. Do you blog? Go to PodcampAZ. Podcast? Go. Video? GO. Are you a journalist? Writer? Real Estate Agent? Gamer? Musician? Student? Professional of just about ANY type? Stay-at-home Mom? How about a stay-at-home-Mom-who-rants-about-politics (hehehe)? All of you will get something out of PodcampAZ.

To get a better look, here are my photos from last year's Podcamp. If you have an hour or so you can browse through the Flickr group too.

All right, here's the deets:

When: November 14 & 15

Where: University of Advancing Technology, Tempe (yeah I looked it up), AZ (btw it does not matter if you don't live in AZ- we had attendees from 35 states last year! Yes, this could be a business trip if you work it right.)


ALL the info you need:

Sponsorship Info:

Mark those calendars now, and plan on being at PodcampAZ this November!

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