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Monday, October 27, 2008

This weekend- Podcamp AZ 2.0

Well here it is- this weekend the 2nd annual Podcamp AZ comes to the valley, and I'm so excited! We've worked so hard this year to put together a first rate unconference, and I think- no, I know- we will pull it off!

This was truly a community effort. I don't think at any podcamp meeting there were less than 15 people. I may hate the summer weather and the politics of AZ, but one thing I love and what keeps me living here is the sense of community and support in the Valley of the Sun.

One of the sessions I'm most looking forward to is Evo Terra's "Five Reasons Your Podcast Sucks". Many others have moved on to video, or streaming audio for their shows, but I remain strictly an audio podcaster for my show. Those are the sessions that are going to interest me the most! :-) However there are many MANY sessions planned on a plethora of topics- something for everyone!

You can register all the way up through the weekend if you'd like to attend- it's absolutely free! Though, if you want one of the cool shirts, a donation would be appreciated!

Still need convincing? The great AZ weather (in November, not the summer!) and all the great sessions isn't enough? Well how about some photos from last year?

See you this weekend!

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