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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Podcasters Across Borders Speaking Program

As I was browsing the 4,000+ items in my bloglines feed, I noticed the 2008 schedule for Podcasters Across Borders is now available!

A lot of great speakers lined up (as usual) this year, including sessions on creating Audio Drama by one of the Quirky Nomads (which is a great podcast, btw!), how to make Google work for you by Michelle Sullivan, and how to be an awesome host by Tod Maffin. Many other awesome topics as well, click the subject line and check out the full schedule!

Registration is going on now as well, but space fills up fast so hurry! It's awesome! Otherwise I wouldn't have used it twice in last paragraph!



Shannon said...

Don't forget, Jack and I are doing a piece of hosting vs. co-hosting.

Michelle Sullivan said...

Thanks for singling me out A.A. - you've given me exactly the kind of kick in the backside I need to make sure I start documenting the project that will form this case study - the Moisson Montreal blog is set to launch on April 14th, so I'm just in time to collect pre-launch stats. See you in June!

Audio Addict said...

Haha! No pressure, Ms. Sullivan! :-)
I *so* wish I could make it, but I will be across the Atlantic in London this summer getting fish n' chips direct from the source! Pretty much has me tapped out for any podcasting expos or meetups this year. Well, other than Podcamp AZ, but I think I can manage a local event. ;-)

I am happy and sad about this- sad I won't see any of my podcasting friends this year, and happy because I've never been across the Atlantic before! New adventures await!

But I look forward to hearing your session, and all of the PAB sessions in the Podcast Buffet feed after the fact- it's so great they provide that to all of us!