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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Impromptu Fundraiser for The Sonic Society

Sonic Society Host Shannon Hilchie really stepped in it when she said "If People send me 100 dollars, I'll put out a CD of Torch Songs" So far she is well on her way to that $100 dollar mark (or actually over by now) and has put out the following rules for donations.

To Quote her from the Thread on


What have we learned class? Pick higher numbers.

We hit goal this morning. In fact, we're OVER the goal. Good LORD, people! What is WRONG with you?

Everyone who donated? Thank you so much! I can't believe you actually want to hear me sing that much! I'm so touched... this is really blowing my mind. I've been wandering my house muttering "Oh My God" for the past three hours.

So what to do with the rest of the month? Easy. The donations will still be accepted, but this time it'll be for extra songs. No matter what, this will be created! HURRAH!

The number of songs will work like this: For any donation under fifty dollars, you will get one song choice. Fifty or over, you get two. You can either pick a song yourself, or leave it to Jack and I. Jack has also thrown his hat into the ring by promising a duet of he and I if we hit the 200 mark! Woo hoo!

Where does the money go? Some of it will go to our fabulous music angel, Sharon Bee, who will (hopefully) be doing the instrumentation for the songs. I'm so excited to actually pay her for once!! She does such high quality work, it's a shame that she doesn't see any coin for it. That changes with this little project. The rest of it goes towards Sonic Cinema costs, which are ramping up as we plot out Sonic Gold.

So there is still good reason to contribute to this cause!

If your are a fan of the Sonic Society, toss em some love.


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