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Saturday, December 01, 2007

One of the First, Still one of the Best

Hello everyone, and thank you to Dani for the invitation to become a regular contributor! I hope I can be of help, pointing out various and sundry audio goodness I've turned up on the Web.

I thought I might start with a podcast that's been out there from the very early days of the form, Digital Flotsam. P.W. Fenton is a classic storyteller; listening to his show is more than a little like listening to your favorite uncles swapping stories after dinner.

"Digital Flotsam" has won no less than three Podcast Peer Awards, so I know I'm not the only podcaster who thinks the show is well worth the time. The content is great, and the production values are flawless. The current episode is a reading of a classic Christmas poem, an online continuation of a cherished holiday tradition -- and a perfect place for new listeners to start.

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