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Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Home for Icy Cold Goodness!

It has been a couple months since the change, but in case anyone might have missed it, The Icebox Radio Theater has a new online home, courtesy of those most excellent of podcast hosts, Libsyn! IBRT posts a new episode every couple of weeks, give or take, and they've got some of the coolest and most eclectic original audio drama (and comedy, and mystery) out there.

IBRT Artistic Director Jeffrey Adams has also included a new feature in every show, "Audio Geek's Corner," which offers a behind the scenes look at how the shows are produced, as well as advice on many aspects of producing audio theater, from finding scripts to "sweetening" sound effects.

Anyone who enjoys audio storytelling or wants to know more about how it's done will find the IBRT podcast well worth a listen.

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