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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Podiobook to be made into movie

From Chris Miller's blog:

Scott Sigler’s book, Infested, previously released at the podiobook Infection, is going to be made into a movie by RH Films

The deal was arranged by RH Films president Peter Gethers and the co-presidents of Rogue, Andrew Karpen and Andrew Rona. Random House Films will also get filmmaking rights to the unpublished second novel in Sigler’s series, which Crown has already signed. Infested, which Crown senior v-p and publisher >Steve Ross said is expected to be one of the imprint’s biggest books for next spring, follows a CIA specialist and Centers for Disease Control scientist >trying to contain a bioterror threat in the form of a fast-spreading parasite that turns its victims into serial killers.

Well holy CRAP! Congrats to Scott, for this great news, and for bringing new hope to authors podcasting their books everywhere!

1 comment:

Scott Sigler said...

Thanks! I really hope they make this bad boy, it will be a good time for all.