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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Unleash your inner poet and get involved with audio drama!

Thanks to Dream Realm Enterprises, you can get involved in the fabulous world of audio drama in a couple of different ways. Do you have the directing bug? Do you like to take many voices and sounds, put them all together and make a masterpiece? Well, here's an excellent opportunity to do just that! Here's a little note from the creator of DRE's Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vince:



I hope you are well, and having a jolly time of things.

I recently discovered that the polar bear is the animal that is most likely to
attack you. So stay away from them.

I'm wondering if anyone here is interested in helping with the audio production
of Series 2 of "The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes", a rather silly series
about mysteries and moustaches made with much love and giggles for the splendid
Dream Realm Enterprises.

I'm hoping to find someone who would enjoy putting the episodes together;
someone who enjoys mucking around with sound, and who likes working with actors
(i.e; someone mad).

I appreciate that audio production is a laborious, skilfull and specialised job,
and that people lead busy lives and have tremendously exciting social diaries.
But hey, I did warn you all about the polar bears thing, so surely that's reward
enough for what I'm asking.

Also, I make tasty hot cross buns*, and I'm willing to share the recipe with any
and all volunteers.

Interested? Of course you are!

Contact Vince Stadon

and you'll make me very happy indeed.

With kind regards and very best wishes,

--Vince Stadon

* It's not true about the hot cross buns. They taste horrible.
See, I think he's just going to play "Hot Cross Buns" on a recorder. So there's one great opportunity. Here's another, for all of the poets (and don't even know-it's) out there!

Hey gang,

Dream Realm Enterprises is pleased to announce the coming of another new show! Poet's Passion! If you love poetry, then you'll adore this new show, which is all about poetry! Yup, we're bringing you a show devoted exclusively to new and original poetry, which is read by some of the brightest talent on the web, and then set to music! It's coming in April, so stay tuned!

Now that the announcement is out of the way, I can speak directly to all you poets out there! We're seeking new and original poetry! Not just any ole poetry, but the good stuff! So, we're asking you to send us your poems! If we like them, they may just be read on Poet's Passion!

This isn't a paying gig, but you will have the proud knowledge that your work is being heard! Plus, you'll retain all rights to your poetry! We can't say fairer than that, now can we?!

We need your poems soon, so be sure to email them directly to our official email addy ( The initial submissions need to be into us by no later than March 31st! But we'll still be accepting submissions after that as we intend to make this an on-going series. Just make sure the poems you send us are yours, and original, and not based on anything else.

Okay, start sending us those poems ASAP! Thanks, and good luck!


I know it says get your poems in by March 31, but they are always accepting submissions. If you want your poem to come to life, send one Jon's way!

So, there are two great ways to get involved with the awesomeness that is Dream Realm Enterprises. Check out their site, and email them today!

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