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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dream Realm Looking For Writers

Posted to the DRE Yahoo group:

Hello Gang,

I know there are some talented writers out there amongst this group of
amazingly talented people! I'm seeking writers to help us develop our
upcoming fantasy adventure series known as Legacy of Koani (pronounced

The basic premise is this: A group of young adventurers has been sent
forth to seek the Legacy of Koani, which is simply the wisdom and
knowledge of their people, who are known as the Kryth. Basically, the
Kryth are like you and me, except they have exceptional abilities.
Think of this as X-Men meets Lord of the Rings.

The main characters are as follows:

Xeric Beltane - A young man who is the chosen of his people to lead
this small band of misfits to seek wisdom and knowledge. He is about
18 to 20 years of age, and a lot is on his shoulders. But he happily
takes it on.

Kiff Korran - The childhood friend of Xeric who isn't the smartest
amongst his people. A bit of a fool at times, but with a heart of
gold. He is the lifelong best friend of Xeric's, and would do anything
for him. He can't seem to do much, but at least he can cook.

Zara Knight - She sees herself as a warrior in training, so to speak.
Or a sword-for-hire. She's as young as Xeric, but has a chip on her
shoulders. She is hired by Xeric to come along and help with the
fighting. But truth to tell, Xeric is rather taken with her. Her
feelings may be mutual, but she fights to hide her feelings from
everyone. The only emotion she allows herself to show is how
irritating she finds both Xeric and Kiff to be.

Boots - Rumor has it that Boots Kildor was once a mage and an
adventurer, and that he even advised kings and queens at one time.
However, it can't be proven. He is seen as nothing more than a fool
and a fake by most everyone. But Xeric sees more within this old
klutz, and asks him along for the journey.

Reena Farthing - A teenager who is determined to find adventure. She
insinuates her way into this small band of adventurers, but soon
proves she has some street smarts and a penchant for good luck. She
has few friends, except a small furry creature who sticks by her side
like glue. Could there be more to this pair than meets the eye?

Old Mother Volaryn - The Elder of the Kryth People whose advice is
often sought by the small band of adventurers. She is the wise
chronicler of Xeric's adventures, and is the one who sends him on his

That should be enough to give you an idea of what these characters are
about. Each episode is a fairly self-contained adventure on the
journey to find knowledge. There will be a story arc (the seeking of
the Legacy of Koani) that will be visited only from time to time as
the series progresses.

Anyone interested in writing for this series should email me
personally by no later than February 28th!

darkbuilding1 AT yahoo DOT com

The series has been cast, but we're in need of scripts. Don't submit
completed scripts, please! If you have an idea for a story, just send
me a brief (a paragraph or two in length) outline.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from a few of you!

All the best,


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