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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sonic Gold Gearing up for April Launch!

"And the Audio Hits Just Keep On Comin'"
Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie of the Sonic Society just announced in their last episode, that the long awaited "Sonic Gold" project will begin in April 1st.
Sonic Gold is a new subscription based show that will bring the very best of paid audio content to your podcatcher. As a member of Sonic Gold you'll get 36 weeks of amazing professional audio drama that you can't get anywhere free on the Internet.
So why buy audio drama?
As Jack Ward puts it, "If we're going to help revitalize the market for audio drama across the world, we need to prove that people are willing to pay for it. And after all, who wouldn't want to see someone like Gregg Taylor from Decoder Ring Theatre get paid to put out a new show?"

What's it cost of an subscription to Sonic Gold?
Early bird sign up is just 20 dollars a year. Get in on the ground floor and you can get a whole lot more than that, but things are moving fast.
Check the great deal and details Sonic Gold and sign up!

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