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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Two Awards Ceremonies This Weekend

This weekend was the ever-popular sci-fi convention Dragon*Con. Many of my friends online and off travel to Atlanta each year to party, dress up, and help bring more attention to podcasting. There are two podcast-related awards ceremonies during the weekend, the Parsec Awards and the Podcast Peer Awards.

The Parsecs awards the very best of sci-fi related podcast content, ranging from stories and podiobooks, to audio drama and fan content. The Podcast Peers are awards given out by other podcasters, and range from all sorts of categories, from podiobooks, to couplecasts and music.

I was honored to be involved in both awards, each in a different way.

To see the nominees and winners for the Parsecs, head to this link:

To see the nominees and winners for the Podcast Peers, head to this link (the winners are not the top podcast you see for each category):

To see who won for each PPA category, you can go here:

Congrats to all!

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